食料品をポンド、オンスで計る イギリスの利益にならないEU法を改善または廃止する ヤードポンド法を復活へ Brexit

Shops could soon be allowed to sell fruit and vegetables in pounds and ounces under a post-Brexit bonfire of EU red tape being pursued by the Government
16:17 BST, 16 September 2021

・・・せっかくメートル法への移行がかなり進んでいたのに、また戻るんですか?この民族は、本当にもう(苦笑)。Wiki Englishを見ると、40歳以下はメートル法に馴染んでいるようです。

Facebook 排除する言論に「社会的害悪」を追加 初回適用者は反ロックダウン団体 「医学の信用を落とす」 Instagram Factcheck ワクチン

Facebook censors German anti-lockdown movement under new rules to prevent real users from organizing & amplifying ‘harmful’ ideas
17 Sep, 2021 00:48


2回接種者のコロナ死亡率は、非接種者の4.34倍 イギリス調査 コロナ・ワクチン



Israeli study claims Covid vaccine boosters reduce infection risk TENFOLD… day before FDA to decide on 3rd jab
17 Sep, 2021 01:25




イギリス 海外渡航に関する新しいコロナ規制 2度接種者の帰国はPCR検査免除など ワクチン 旅行 出入国 出張

Hated PCR tests will be axed for half-term holidays, the amber countries will turn green and red list will be halved 'with Turkey among places opening' - but if you're not double-jabbed you'll have to quarantine after EVERY foreign trip
22:31 BST, 16 September 2021

The new travel rules at a glance...

  • Traffic light system radically redrawn into simple go/no-go system
  • Almost all existing amber list countries become 'go' destinations
  • Number of red, or no-go, destinations slashed in half
  • Double-jabbed travellers no longer need to take a PCR test after returning from 'go' or green country – only cheaper lateral flow
  • So-called pre-departure tests, taken 72 hours before someone flies home, likely to be scrapped
  • Tougher rules for unvaccinated – they have to isolate after returning from abroad and take two PCR tests on day two and day eight
  • Hotel quarantine remains for remaining red list countries, even for double-jabbed Britons


AUKUS結成後の各国の反応 米国 イギリス オーストラリア フランス EU インド

How AUKUS submarine deal was sealed in Cornwall: Australian PM Scott Morrison asked Biden for secret US nuclear tech to take on China at G7 after first getting Boris onboard - then ditched 'rip off' $90bn French contract
16:29 BST, 16 September 2021

Fears UK's nuclear sub deal with US and Australia could drag Britain into war if China invades Taiwan - as Boris Johnson 'rules nothing out' and security advisor says military pact is 'indissoluble bond' on which 'new collaboration can be built'
00:55 BST, 17 September 2021

巨額な軍事プロジェクトを失ったフランスは、報復として、米国で近々予定されているチェサピーク湾の海戦(the Battle of the Capes)240周年記念(米仏友好イベント)の晩餐会をキャンセルすると発表。バルチモア沖に停泊しているフランス海軍駆逐艦でも式典の一部が執り行われる予定であったが、早期に出航することとなり、従ってその式典もキャンセルされる。
France goes ballistic! Sulking Paris diplomats CANCEL D.C. gala dinner celebrating ties with US after losing out on $90bn nuclear sub contract amid US-UK-Australia defense pact
20:24 BST, 16 September 2021

Furious EU complains that it was 'not consulted' on AUKUS submarine deal while France blasts Australia for stabbing it in the back
18:14 BST, 16 September 2021

As a furious France plots its revenge for America’s treachery on its subs deal, will it take the nuclear option of quitting NATO?
17 Sep, 2021 15:01
Rachel Marsden

Message for India? AUKUS Announcement Sparks Debate About Relevance of Quad, Reliability of US
16 Sep, 2021