UAE(アブダビ)はイスラエルのハイテク部門に投資すべき ユダヤのご主人様が命令

Silicon Wadi: Israeli tech's 'thirst' for UAE cash must overcome old enmity
Israeli investment experts say although the Emiratis have excess amounts of money, there are 'not enough places to invest it in the Middle East,' making Israel the perfect option as long as Arab investors overcome their deep-seated animosity towards the Jewish state
Reuters |
Published: 08.27.20

"The UAE has excess amounts of money, but not enough places to invest it in the Middle East," said Eldad Tamir, founder and CEO of the Tamir Fishman investment house, one of Israel's top investment funds.

"The high tech sector here is thirsty for money and having new investors from the UAE will help us diversify a bit from our usual Chinese and American investor."


Before any money can flow between the two countries, the UAE needs to scrap rules which require UAE banks to monitor and block transactions if the beneficiary is based in Israel.

・・・ほらね、イスラエルが欲しいのはアブダビのカネだけ。人間としてのアラブには全然関心がない。Sillicon Valleyに倣って、イスラエルのことをSillicon Wadiと形容してて、キモい。


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