ロシア副首相と外相がシリア訪問 40の協定に調印

Russian Foreign Minister arrives in Damascus
7 September، 2020

Russian and Syrian Foreign Ministers Hold a Joint Presser in Damascus - Video
Middle East
12:53 GMT 07.09.2020

Al-Moallem: Future of relations with Russia promising.. Borisov: Syria is subjected to economic blockade.. Lavrov: war on terrorism in Syria to continue
7 September، 2020

Russia and Syria reach agreement on 40 new projects

Russia is sending ‘tank destroyer’ missile system to Syria: report

Russian warplanes to get new bombing system after tests in Syria: MoD

セルビア、コソボはエルサレムに大使館移転するならEU加盟不可 イスラエルはトランプ選挙対策に引きずり込まれた 米国


EU implies Serbia, Kosovo could risk EU membership bid with Jerusalem embassy
The 27-nation bloc’s long-held policy is that the city’s status should be worked out between Israel and the Palestinians as part of broader peace negotiations
7 September 2020, 5:03 pm


Israeli ex-envoys blast deals with Kosovo, Serbia
It’s a step that might have future repercussions for the Israel-Palestinian conflict warns one former diplomat claiming deal benefits only Trump campaign
The Media Line |
Published: 09.07.20 , 17:36


The links between Serbia and Israel remain strong – opinion
The friendship between Serbia and Israel is not based only on current geopolitical and economic interests, but on traditionally good relations between the Serbian and Jewish people.

When we read the text, “Kosovo is a test of Israeli moral character” – another in a series of systematically planned ideological pamphlets with clear but ethically, politically and legally unfounded goals – the first thought was, it did not deserve an answer. However, as descendants of the suffering victims, one of the Serbian and the other of the Jewish people as well, we have no right to remain silent when the predominantly Israeli or Jewish readers generally are told lies about killed, wounded or forcibly expelled Serbs and other non-Albanians from their homes.

Thousands of those who hope to find out the fate of their loved ones, whom the administration are forced to classify as “missing persons,” and many others, completely innocent, who have experienced the most difficult destinies, expect us to be their shofar.

It can be said that the relations between Serbia and Israel have been constantly rising in the past few years, and that thanks to President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, as well as Israeli leaders, Serbia has raised Israel on the map of its foreign policy priorities. The friendship between Serbia and Israel is not based only on current geopolitical and economic interests, but on traditionally good relations between the Serbian and Jewish people, who too often shared a gloomy fate and fought side by side for the civilizational values of the modern world and society.

Some of the most eminent personalities in Serbian history were Jews and were largely responsible for the development of the Serbian state and society. Along with this, the grandparents of the visionary, the initiator and leader of the national movement for the creation of the Jewish state, Theodor Herzl, lived in Zemun, part of the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. In 2018, at that site, Presidents Reuven Rivlin and Aleksandar Vucic ceremoniously unveiled a plaque with the name of the street named after Herzl.

Not far from there, pedestrians can walk to the street where the Ashkenazi synagogue building is located, and which is named after Judah ben Solomon Chai Alkalai, in the memory of the Sephardi rabbi, writer, and forerunner of modern Zionism who lived and worked in the 19th century, and certainly influenced the atmosphere in which Herzl’s ancestors lived.

Of the impressive number of promotional acts in recent years, in relation to the local Jewish community and world Jewry in general, we will single out just a few:

• Serbia has unanimously passed a law in parliament on the return of property and compensation to the heirs of Holocaust victims, and will allocate 950,000 euros a year from the state budget for the next 20 years for the functioning of Jewish municipalities on its territory.

• This year, the government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism, thus once again showing that it stands firmly with the Jewish people and carries the banner of the fight against antisemitism and revision of history, which unfortunately rears its head in many European countries, especially in the Western Balkans.

These concrete moves point to the alliance between Serbia and Israel, whose relations cannot be disrupted by any current political or any other interest, although there are not a few stakeholders who are interested in that.

The particularly aggressive activities of Kosovo Albanian lobbyists are interwoven with constant insinuations in flattering Israel, intertwined with the disavowal of Serbia and the Serbian people, all with the aim of intensifying pressure on Israel to recognize a unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo. Namely, they are used to spreading propaganda without corroboration and facts, losing their compass due to a series of foreign policy failures caused by the empowerment of Serbia at the geopolitical and economic level.

THUS THEY allow themselves to even play and manipulate the victims of the Holocaust, trying in a shameful and bestial way to compare the six million victims of the most brutal and unique crime in human history with the victims of the Albanian people in Kosovo and Metohija, most of whom were members of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army.

Such a comparison relativizes the Holocaust. If anyone is expected to see through such shamelessness, it is the Jewish people, especially that part living in their homeland, the State of Israel, which has suffered for decades from unbalanced and politically motivated depictions of events in the Middle East. If it could, the Jewish people would take the stars from the sky to replace the event that caused the post-trauma in which it still lives, the Holocaust, with the events in Kosovo and Metohija in the 1990s.

During a visit to Yad Vashem, we expect government officials from Priština to confront the crimes of Balli Kombëtar, known as Balli, collaborators during World War II and the Holocaust. Not only are they hiding behind the chivalrous behavior of the Albanians in Albania itself, who were rescuing Jewish refugees; even more, and once and for all, to take a stand on May 14, 1944, when members of the 21st SS Mountain Division “Skenderbeg” (1st Albanian) stormed Jewish homes in Priština, arresting 281 members of the community, who were then transported to the German Nazi Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Should at least the readers of the respected Jerusalem Post in this context be interested in the role of Muhammad Amin el Husseini, known as the Jerusalem Mufti, in creating the Waffen SS Division among the Muslims of the Balkan Peninsula? Unfortunately, instead, an offer of trade followed.

They state that Israel should pay tribute to the victims of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and Metohija, by recognizing the false state of Kosovo and establishing full diplomatic relations with it. Furthermore, it is stated as an argument that the independence of the so-called “Kosovo” was supported by Nobel laureate Eli Wiesel, and that the so-called “Kosovo” was recognized by 111 countries, including the USA, and the vast majority of EU countries.

However, there is not a single word about the motives for such decisions. A large number of small, economically underdeveloped countries have recognized the independence of “Kosovo” under the pressure of some of the great powers. However, with the diplomatic action of Serbia, which resulted in the annulment or suspension of the recognition of “Kosovo” by 18 states, today fewer than half of the UN members recognize “Kosovo,” and any attempt on their side to join international organizations is doomed to failure.

In this regard, the claim that Serbia discourages and puts pressure on other countries not to recognize “Kosovo” is preposterous. Serbia has a reputation and authority in the region, Europe and the world gained, through its responsible competent policy, adherence to its international obligations, efforts to resolve any conflict peacefully, which is the foundation of Serbia’s reputation and social power to work with international community actors and representatives of Kosovo”to peacefully cut the Kosovo knot, which is damaging the Serbian, Albanian side and the region as a whole.

Finally, after 2,000 years of suffering, longing and prayers, the Jewish people fought back and experienced deliverance from the Diaspora into their own sovereign and democratic state. As such, the State of Israel makes decisions in accordance with its own interests.

BEARING IN MIND its own geostrategic and state-political constellation, the last thing Israel needs to support is an imposed unilateral solution to the conflict, which is not the result of direct negotiations between the interested parties. Just like Serbia, in spite of everything, is fighting for its soul – Kosovo and Metohija – so Israel jealously guards its own Jerusalem.

Moreover, Serbian sovereignty over Kosovo was not questionable until its violent abduction. Principled Israel’s adherence to its own interests, in this case, coincides with international law and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia.

We cannot help but comment on the position that Kosovo, i.e. unsuccessful attempts to separate Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia and the creation of a false state of Kosovo, is the sui generis case. Nevertheless, none of the authors of that claim offered any argument in favor of its accuracy. They could not because such arguments simply do not exist.

The fact that many of the European Union member states, which face a similar problem, have refused to recognize Kosovo, clearly speaks of a latent danger and precedent. It is like holding an unscrewed bomb in your hand, relying only on the fact that your hand will not tremble by chance. Therefore, we do not want anyone to experience the consequences that would occur in the case of recognition of Kosovo and its admission to the UN.

Well-known statements and claims that in the 1990s Serbia introduced a dictatorship, that it banned media and textbooks in the Albanian language, that it persecuted and fired Albanian intellectuals, that it formed paramilitary forces, etc., are pointless to discuss, bearing in mind that in the abducted southern Serbian province – the cradle of Serbian spirituality, culture, history and national identity – shrines are being destroyed.

Cemeteries are vandalized, Serbs are beaten, illegally arrested, and their property set on fire. Without a doubt, there were those on the Serbian side who committed crimes. However, there is a key difference. Serbia has arrested and tried its criminals in accordance with the law, unlike Albanian criminals who have been rewarded with military ranks, promotions, political and social positions and, as a whole, strong resistance to take all those who deserve it to finally stand before justice. In the end, everyone today understands that Kosovo is a failed project that is unsustainable in every regard.

Albanian separatists have recently entered a new phase of the fight against Judeo-Christian civilization, which is that after many years of burning churches and monasteries, and expelling monks and priests and the Serbian people as a whole on a purely discriminatory basis, they are now appropriating that heritage, medieval monasteries included, in the UNESCO list, and are grotesquely trying to present it as their heritage.

To the manipulative-selective portrayal of relations, it is necessary to add the Kosovo Albanians who fought on the side of the Islamic State had commanders there, such as Lavdrim Muhaxheri, who was famous for his cruelty.

We are fully convinced that Israel will remain consistent with its own interests, supporting direct negotiations, which are the only way to a compromise solution and delivery of the sustainable peace. Israel, like Serbia, a sovereign country, is not subject to any pressure or misinformation that appears in the Israeli and Serbian media from time to time.

Israel has a fruitful cooperation with all stakeholders in the Western Balkans region. The growth and enrichment of the diversity of trade exchange, cooperation in the field of science, culture, arts, sports, sensitive attitude toward the Jewish community and finally, ever closer bilateral relations, are concrete indicators of the best intentions of the Serbian side toward Israel and the Jewish world in general.

Prof. Vladimir Marinkovic, is deputy speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and chair of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Israel.

Alexander Nikolic is honorary consul of the Republic of Serbia in Israel.

ヘンリー王子、公邸改装費を返済 ネトフリ契約で資金確保

ヘンリー王子、公邸改装費を返済 ネトフリ契約で資金確保
9/8(火) 5:26配信

【AFP=時事】ヘンリー英王子(Prince Harry)の報道官は7日、王子がウィンザー城(Windsor Castle)の公邸改装費として使われた税金240万ポンド(約3億4000万円)を返済したことを明らかにした。動画配信大手ネットフリックス( Netflix)と最近結んだ契約で得た資金を充てたと報じられている。

 ヘンリー王子と米国人で元女優の妻メーガン妃(Meghan, Duchess of Sussex)は今年、「経済的独立」を求めて王室の公務から退いた。























ユダヤ人弁護士の家に反ユダヤの落書き→犯人逮捕したらその弁護士でした イギリス



Top pro-Israel lawyer faked vandalism attack at Scots home in plot to frame Palestine group
Matthew Berlow played a key part in faking a graffiti attack at his home then used the bogus incident to smear the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
Mark McGivern
04:30, 7 SEP 2020

A top lawyer has been slammed by legal watchdogs for a bizarre plot to discredit a Palestinian pressure group.

Matthew Berlow played a key part in faking a graffiti attack at his home then used the bogus incident to smear the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

He now faces a £500 fine for his part in the conspiracy after an initial probe by the reporter of the Law Society of Scotland.

Berlow knew his associate Ed Sutherland, a teacher at Belmont Academy, Ayr, had created a fake Facebook identity under the name Stevie Harrison to infiltrate the SPSC in January last year.

Berlow and Sutherland are linked to Friends of Israel, which aims to promote the interests of the country in the UK.

The fake Palestinian supporting activist “Stevie Harrison” wrote a social media post highlighting vandalism daubed on Berlow’s home in Glasgow.

The post said: “A certain Jewish lawyer woke up this morning to find ‘Free Palestine’ spray-painted rather ­prominently – no idea who was responsible.”

Berlow fuelled the story of the fantasy attack by playing the victim and commenting on the post: “Idiocy. Typical SPSC behaviour criminal.”

He later admitted to the LSS that he knew the scenario to be faked. But he claimed he went along with it because the Harrison character was being used “to monitor various ­disruptive activities of the SPSC”.

A preliminary ruling found Berlow failed to maintain the standards of behaviour expected for a ­solicitor.

It stated: “The pertinent issue is the solicitor’s comment, ‘Typical SPSC behaviour’ and the association between the SPSC and the supposed act of vandalism in the post. The post was made by the alias Stevie Harrison.

"The reporter has been provided with no evidence to find that Harrison was recognised as a member of the SPSC.

“Conversely, as the reporter is satisfied that Harrison is an alias and the social media profile fake, Harrison would naturally be unable to attend any ­demonstrations or meetings organised by the SPSC.

“Furthermore, following the words ‘no idea who was ­responsible’, there are a number of emojis portraying a wink.

“The reporter is satisfied that the choice of the words and emoji were intended for readers of the post to draw the inference that the act of vandalism had been committed by Harrison.

“The reporter is therefore satisfied that the comment made by the solicitor ­associating the act of vandalism with the SPSC was unfounded.”

The LSS reporter also makes it clear it was part of a plot by Berlow and a “Mr Y” – who can be identified as Ed ­Sutherland and who faces his own probe by the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

The reporter states: “Mr Y, like the solicitor, is a supporter of the state of Israel.

“The reporter is satisfied that Mr Y ­impersonates an anti-Israeli activist and in order to convince other anti-Israeli ­activists, Mr Y targets Israeli supporters, including the ­solicitor.

“The reporter is satisfied that when commenting on the post, the solicitor would have known that the post was false and no vandalism had taken place.

“The reporter is satisfied that the purpose of the comment was to associate the ostensibly ­criminal act with members of the SPSC despite the solicitor being aware at the material time that no criminal act had taken place.”

Berlow claimed last night he had launched a sting to catch out a person who was stalking him.

He said: “Unfortunately I made it too real and named an organisation I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t my intention to blame the SPSC for a fictitious event.”

But victims are demanding the Society’s ­professional conduct sub committee forces the lawyer to pay compensation to those smeared by the plot.






トランプ ペンタゴン上層部は、弾薬や戦闘機を作っているメーカーを喜ばせるため、ひたすら戦争を続けている。 米国

CBS News Verified Account

Trump: "I'm not saying the military's in love with me. The soldiers are. The top people in the Pentagon probably aren't because they want to do nothing but fight wars, so all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy" pic.twitter.com/uu1UnBnHbT
11:03 - 2020年9月7日

Liberals & hawks accuse Trump of ‘attack’ on military after he says Pentagon chiefs ‘fight wars to keep arms dealers happy'
8 Sep, 2020 00:53