イギリスの不動産市況 8月は上昇



Should YOU stay or should you go? House prices are soaring and homes are selling in record time... but experts say they'll crash when the coronavirus hangover kicks in

House prices jumped to new high in August after biggest monthly rise in 16 years
Experts are referring to the current housing market as a ‘seller’s paradise’
But there are warning the recent boom will suffer a crash back down to earth

By Victoria Bischoff for the Daily Mail
Published: 22:04 BST, 2 September 2020

イギリスの「がっかり観光地」 ストーンヘンジはただの石、ビッグベンはただの時計、古城はディズニー気取り


Tourists slam 'boring' UK attractions in hilarious TripAdvisor reviews - from complaining Stone Henge is just a 'pile of rocks' to slamming Warwick Castle as a 'Disneyland wannabe'

Hilarious one-star reviews on TripAdvisor have slated British tourist attractions
One called Big Ben 'just a clock,' another branded Stonehenge 'a pile of rocks'
Elsewhere, a further person critiqued Ben Nevis for being 'too step and too high'

By Bridie Pearson-jones For Mailonline
Published: 07:56 BST, 3 September 2020





UAE also wants good ties with US Jewish lobby
The Arab states have been interested in the F-35 jets for a very long time.
SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 21:44

Aeronautics, an Israeli company specializing in manufacturing “unmanned solutions,” signed a contract with the UAE prior to receiving proper Defense Ministry authorization, and received an advance payment for the order. However, concerned of a misuse of Israeli and American technology, and possibly piqued at being kept out of the loop, the ministry rejected the deal.

Crown Prince Bin Zayed felt humiliated and betrayed. Then came the January 2010 assassination in a Dubai hotel of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who had been responsible for purchasing arms for Hamas. As a result, relations between Israel and the UAE further deteriorated. It took two long years of American-UAE-Israeli negotiations to reach an understanding under which Israel returned the advance payment and paid compensation for the deal that never was.


イラン・ハネメイ師が使う反ユダヤの言葉をイスラエルが分析 言語により異なる

Iran's Ali Khamenei slammed for antisemitic tweets against Jared Kushner
The Iranian leader tweeted about "Jews" in English and Arabic but not in other languages.
SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 20:24

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei attacked the Israel-UAE agreement on Wednesday and called Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser as well as pro-Israel Americans – “filthy Zionist agents.”

Khamenei referred to Kushner as “the Jewish member of Trump’s family” ֿ– Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law – in a series of tweets that were condemned as reactionary and antisemitic.

Khamenei’s use of the word “filthy,” and also singling out “Jewish” members of the US government, as well as calling them “cruel,” were all words used in his English-language tweets to channel antisemitic tropes and dog whistles.

Blue and White MK Michal Cotler-Wunsh slammed the tweets, asking Twitter whether “singling out a Jew and referring to Jews as ‘filthy’ violate your hate-speech policy.”

US Assistant Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism Ellie Cohanim tweeted that it was time for the social media giant to permanently remove the “vile anti-Semite” from Twitter. Emily Schrader, founder of Social Creative, also slammed the tweet for being antisemitic.

The Iranian leader has long spread hatred for Israel using his official Twitter account, as well as during speeches and sermons. The official regime narrative presents Iran as not being antisemitic, pointing to the relatively large Jewish community in the country as evidence of the lack of antisemitism. It argues that in contrast to the Arab nationalist regimes of the 1950s, Tehran has had a more progressive policy.

However, the tweets in English using words like “filthy” and “cruel” appear to have been written by someone who has knowledge of traditional Western antisemitism.

Accusations that Jews are “cruel” or “filthy” are part of Western antisemitic tradition, appearing prominently throughout the Middle Ages. The Iranian leader did not tweet the same words in Farsi or on any of his other accounts, implying that a careful study was made by his media team to use the right words in order to push antisemitism through terms that have been used by Nazis and other regimes in the West.

In Spanish, he tweeted about “vile Zionist agents in the Trump family” but did not use the term “Jewish.”

In his Arabic tweet, he did refer to the “Jew” in the Trump family, illustrating that Iran seeks to push antisemitism in the Arabic language as well. In Hindi, he also used the term “Jews.” In French, he referred to “dirty Zionist American agents,” but not “Jews.”

Earlier this week, the Iranian leader portrayed the UAE agreement with Israel as a “betrayal” of the “world of Islam.” He also characterized the deal as going against the “interests of the world of Islam” and created a hashtag about how the UAE “stabs Muslims.”

The term “world of Islam” is taken from the concept of dar al-Islam – the states governed by Muslims – and dar al-harb, or states that are in war, the ones that war can be waged against or that are savage and beyond the borders of Islamic rule.

The Iranian regime is a reactionary, far-right theocratic regime and views the world in these binary terms. As such, the tweets are meant as a threat against the UAE. Iran says the “betrayal won’t last long” and that the “stigma” is on the Emirates, a veiled threat against them.

Last year, Iran used drones and cruise missiles to attack Saudi Arabia and mined ships off the coast of the UAE. It has also backed the Houthis in Yemen to threaten Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

・・・イスラエルも敵に対し、cruel, brutal oppression, autocratic, dictator, blood in his handsを連呼しているじゃないですか。自分のことを棚に上げて。

トルコがシリア反政府ゲリラ500人をアゼルバイジャンに配置という未確認情報 対アルメニア戦

Nearly 500 Turkish-backed Syrian fighters deploy to Azerbaijan: media


エジプト大統領 言論弾圧してから「イスラエルUAE国交樹立合意は正しい方向。歓迎する」と発表


Egyptian news media warned not to criticize UAE-Israel deal
Cairo has reportedly instructed local media outlets not to publish content criticizing the recent UAE-Israel normalization deal in another blow to press freedom in the country.
Aug 27, 2020


マスク反対派は日頃から反社の傾向がある ブラジルの研究

Refusal to wear a facemask linked to sociopathy
Rhys Blakely, Science Correspondent
Monday August 31 2020, 12.01am, The Times


米国が国際刑事裁判所ICC高官2人に制裁 理由は「米国とイスラエルの戦争責任を追求しているから」


‘Unacceptable’ interference: International Criminal Court objects to US sanctions prompted by war crimes investigation
2 Sep, 2020 23:09

New U.S. sanctions on international tribunal prosecutor, aide
Pompeo says the measures are part of Trump administration’s pushback against the tribunal, which has been conducting inquiries into alleged war crimes committed by U.S. troops in Afghanistan
Associated Press |
Published: 09.02.20



Snowden did nothing wrong? Court rules NSA spying on Americans’ phones was illegal all along
2 Sep, 2020 21:58


ノヴィチョク開発者「症状が異なる。ありえない」 毒殺説を否定 ロシア ドイツ

Developers of ‘Novichok’ say Navalny's symptoms aren't consistent with poisoning by their deadly creation, reject German claims
2 Sep, 2020 19:25


トランプ「無秩序を放置する市への財政支援を削減」 市長「町を歩くときは軍を連れてこい。お前はPersona Non Grataだ」 米国


Trump pushes to defund ‘anarchist’ jurisdictions, including New York City, Portland & Seattle
3 Sep, 2020 00:08

ニューヨーク市長「トランプはニューヨークを歩くとき、ボディーガードは役に立たないから、軍隊を連れてこい。お前はPersona Non Grataだ」。
'Persona Non Grata in NYC': Trump Will Need an Army to Walk Down the Streets Of New York, Says Cuomo
05:10 GMT 03.09.2020

・・・大統領といえども、勝手に連邦軍を投入できないトランプの足下を見て、このように発言している。大統領がPersona Non Grataになる国www 地方分権の鏡www 動物化しているwww

シリアの部族が米国の野望を砕いた 部族の反米武装闘争について バアス党機関誌論調

العشائر السورية تُفشل الطموحات الأمريكية
صحيفة البعث 1-أيلول-2020


ロシアの反体制派指導者ナワリヌイ氏に旧ソ連神経剤 使用の「明白な証拠」 ドイツ政府 ノヴィチョク Novichok

ロシアの反体制派指導者ナワリヌイ氏に旧ソ連神経剤 使用の「明白な証拠」 独政府
9/2(水) 23:08配信










北方領土引き渡しあり得ず 「割譲禁止」憲法で ロシア前首相

北方領土引き渡しあり得ず 「割譲禁止」憲法で ロシア前首相
9/2(水) 19:55配信