バルト3国の政府は明確に反ロシアだが、国民はロシアとの戦争を望まず 世論調査

ポーランドのIBRIS Market and Social Research InstituteとDefense24.plが実施した合同世論調査。


36% ポーランド

24% エストニア
17% リトアニア
16% ラトビア

15% チェコ
14% スロバキア
11% ドイツ

トルコとギリシアの空軍機が東地中海上空で空中戦 トルコF-16はロックオンしたが発射せず


Turkish and Greek F‑16 planes in ‘dogfight’ over Mediterranean


BBC Promが黒人作曲家の作品から開始

BBC Proms begins with music by black British composer 'exploring themes of identity' as exclusive poll reveals public fury over Rule Britannia singing row

Hannah Kendall's Tuxedo: Vasco 'de' Gama opened programme on BBC Two last night at the Royal Albert Hall
Kendall sat in audience as her spine-tingling Basquiat-inspired composition was performed to empty seats
Classical-music enthusiasts have to watch the show from their sofas this year due to coronavirus restrictions
BBC decided to remove lyrics from Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory at Last Night of the Proms

By Jemma Carr For Mailonline and Jason Groves and Simon Walters for the Daily Mail

Published: 22:02 BST, 28 August 2020

・・・そうしなかったら火炎瓶を投げ込まれそうな雰囲気ですからねぇ。世論調査では演目からRule Britanniaを排除した決定に80%が反対だそう。

UAE(アブダビ)はイスラエルのハイテク部門に投資すべき ユダヤのご主人様が命令

Silicon Wadi: Israeli tech's 'thirst' for UAE cash must overcome old enmity
Israeli investment experts say although the Emiratis have excess amounts of money, there are 'not enough places to invest it in the Middle East,' making Israel the perfect option as long as Arab investors overcome their deep-seated animosity towards the Jewish state
Reuters |
Published: 08.27.20

"The UAE has excess amounts of money, but not enough places to invest it in the Middle East," said Eldad Tamir, founder and CEO of the Tamir Fishman investment house, one of Israel's top investment funds.

"The high tech sector here is thirsty for money and having new investors from the UAE will help us diversify a bit from our usual Chinese and American investor."


Before any money can flow between the two countries, the UAE needs to scrap rules which require UAE banks to monitor and block transactions if the beneficiary is based in Israel.

・・・ほらね、イスラエルが欲しいのはアブダビのカネだけ。人間としてのアラブには全然関心がない。Sillicon Valleyに倣って、イスラエルのことをSillicon Wadiと形容してて、キモい。


イスラエル兵士が砲弾を積んだ戦車をゴラン高原に放置し立ち去る 軍幹部は激怒


Tanks for the taking! Israeli hikers discover ABANDONED BATTLE TANKS, locked and loaded in Golan Heights
28 Aug, 2020 15:18



Dummy Soldiers And Abandoned Battle Tanks: Israel Prepares For War With Hezbollah



0:28から、反移民・反イスラムのStram Kursメンバーがコーランをバーナーで燃やす。燃料を掛けて火勢を強める。(Stram Kursはデンマーク発祥の団体?



Violent riots erupt in Malmo, Sweden after Koran-torching stunt, police say they have ‘no control’ over situation (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
28 Aug, 2020 23:43

Riots break out in Sweden as 300 people gather to protest against far-Right activists burning the Koran as rocks are thrown at police and car tyres are set on fire
Riots break out in Malmo, a town in the south of the country, after far-Right activists burnt the Koran in street
Around 300 protesters took to the streets tonight, with tyres being burnt and rocks being thrown at the police
It comes after leader of Danish far-Right party Hard Line, was denied permission to have a meeting in Malmo
Rasmus Paludan was arrested on Friday by police who say they suspected he was going to break Swedish laws
By James Robinson for MailOnline
Published: 01:16 BST, 29 August 2020