ハンガリーのラビ イスラエルはホロコースト賠償金の大半を持ち去った 巨額の軍事治安予算の累積額は1948年以降にイスラエルがした悪行の報い

Hungary’s Jewish group expels rabbi who said Zionism causing new Holocaust
It’s an unusual development for Eastern and Central Europe, where leaders of Jewish communities are rarely expelled and seldom express acrimonious public criticism of Israel.
AUGUST 12, 2020 06:04

Hungary’s largest Jewish group expelled a rabbi who has accused Israel of appropriating the money of Holocaust victims and putting Diaspora Jews in danger.

The rabbinical council of the Mazsihisz umbrella announced in a letter to Israeli Ambassador Yacov Hadas-Handelsman that it was “terminating its relationship” with Rabbi Gabor Finali. The letter said it was “an indefinite suspension” of Finali, 43, who since 2017 has served as the resident rabbi of a Mazsihisz-affiliated congregation, the Ohel Avraham Synagogue in Budapest.

It’s an unusual development for Eastern and Central Europe, where leaders of Jewish communities are rarely expelled and seldom express acrimonious public criticism of Israel.

The most controversial remarks by Finali, who supports multiple left-wing causes, came in July on his Facebook page.

“Israel took all the benefits and most of the compensation from Germany for the death and suffering of our relatives,” he wrote. “The chaos that Israel has been causing since 1948 is the reason for most, if not all, attacks on Jews in the Diaspora. The money spent on security until recently (2018) was because we suffer the consequences, we’re the soft targets … Herzl’s mission failed because it didn’t stop the Holocaust, but soon it will lead to a new one.”

Finali apologized for and retracted the post, but Mazsihisz in its letter to the ambassador last week said it was cutting its ties with the rabbi because he “is more loyal in his writings to the enemies of Israel than to Israel.”

Finali belongs to the Neolog denomination of Judaism, a stream that evolved in Central Europe in the 19th century and is similar to Masorti, or Conservative, Judaism.

In a 2018 interview with the Szombat Jewish magazine, Finali said: “The state of Israel lives and thrives thanks to God, I wholeheartedly support its existence,” but added he doesn’t consider it to be “a pure virgin.”


ニューヨーク市内の44地区で不動産契約5件未満 2020年2Q 米国 コロナ


The NYC Neighborhood Report: 44 Neighborhoods Closed Fewer Than 5 Sales Under Q2 Pandemic Pressure
Elizabeth Thesis

メルボルンのコロナ外出規制 違反者を警察が殴り逮捕、令状なしで家宅捜索 オーストラリア

Letters From Melbourne, a ‘Ghost Town Police State’ Under Brutal Covid
Robert Bridge
August 12, 2020

No traveling more than 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from their homes;

No traveling to other states inside of the country;

Those under house arrest are permitted to leave home for just one hour each day for exercise;

Only one person is permitted to go shopping per family each day; shopping is to be done within 5 kilometers from home;

Unlike traditional prisons, visitations are not permitted to house arrestees;

All school activities are to be conducted online;

All businesses, services and construction cancelled;

Organized sport, forget it;

In the case of funerals, try and delay your demise if at all possible, otherwise, expect just 10 guests;

Ditto for weddings;

Curfew in effect between 8 pm and 5 am.

These restrictions will be in place for (at least) six weeks.

The police have been authorized to enter private residences without a warrant.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions Victoria(公式)


民主党副大統領候補カマラ・ハリスの夫がユダヤ ガチガチの親イスラエル派 米国




What do Jewish voters need to know about Kamala Harris?
Harris is seen as a strong supporter with ties to AIPAC, the country’s largest pro-Israel lobby, and unlike some Democrats has not broached the idea of conditioning aid to Israel.
AUGUST 12, 2020 00:51

It’s official: Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s choice for vice president.

The California senator, who made history Tuesday as the first Black woman to join a major party presidential ticket, is still in her first term. But during several years in public office, the 55-year-old lawmaker’s outspoken opinions on a range of issues and her presidential run have given Jewish voters plenty to scrutinize.

She is also married to Jewish lawyer Douglas Emhoff, who would become the country’s first Jewish second husband.

As a senator, Harris has been aligned with Biden on Israel: She is seen as a strong supporter with ties to AIPAC, the country’s largest pro-Israel lobby, and unlike some Democrats has not broached the idea of conditioning aid to Israel to influence its policies. During her presidential run, Harris separated herself somewhat from even the mainstream moderates in the pack, firmly opposing the idea of condemnatory UN votes or even strong public criticism aimed at swaying Israeli policy.

While the more liberal pro-Israel group J Street has endorsed the centrist Biden, who also has committed to keeping spats with Israel private and the idea of not allowing any “daylight” between the US and Israel in diplomatic terms, it has not backed Harris. J Street, which lobbies for a two-state solution, has endorsed more than half of Senate Democrats.

However, Harris has said that she would rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, an agreement that conservative Jews despise over its aid to Iran, a regime that routinely calls for Israel’s destruction. That keeps her aligned with Biden, who was part of the Obama administration that brokered the 2015 agreement over vehement objections by Israel.

“This nuclear deal is not perfect, but it is certainly the best existing tool we have to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and avoid a disastrous military conflict in the Middle East,” Harris wrote in a statement in 2018 after Trump pulled the US out of the deal. “As the international community and the Administration’s own national security team has confirmed multiple times, Iran remains in compliance with the deal. In the absence of an Iranian violation, it is reckless to break this agreement without presenting any plan on how to move forward.”

Harris, previously the attorney general of California, is a self-described progressive who’s also known for being “tough on crime” — a quality that has hurt her standing among other progressives but could be seen as a plus by Jewish Americans rattled by a series of historic antisemitic attacks during the past few years, including the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that killed 11 in 2018.

As San Francisco’s district attorney, Harris created a hate crimes unit, and as attorney general, she reported in 2012 that anti-Jewish hate crimes were the most commonplace religion-based hate crime in California.

In the Senate, she has urged better hate crime reporting and helped pass a resolution that named religious institutions as possible targets of hate crimes.

Outside of politics, Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff has two Jewish children from a previous marriage — and often cheerleads for his wife on Twitter.


Kamala Harris’s race and gender are a beautiful wrapping. Underneath, same old establishment – but what America needs is change
Scott Ritter
12 Aug, 2020

米国フランス・イスラエルが要求する政治改革はきれい事 ヒズボラ排除が主目的 レバノン






«إغراءات» أميركية لحكومة يرأسها الحريري من دون المقاومة وباسيل
حزب الله: لا وزارة محايدة ولا أسماء مستفِزة
الأربعاء 12 آب 2020

ベイルート港再建計画はもうできている コロナ不況からの脱出策?








On re-building the Port of Beirut
The Port of Beirut is one of the biggest and busiest in the region.
by Abdallah Hayek
12 August 2020 | 20:20
Source: by Annahar

BEIRUT: Beirut as we know it died on the 4th of August 2020.

Less than a week ago, we experienced one of the most powerful non-nuclear explosions in history. 6,000 were injured, more than 160 were killed, and many victims are still missing.

Our beloved streets and neighborhoods were razed to the ground. Beirutis are still trying to process the tragedy they just faced. They have witnessed the loss of their city. It is now our duty to give life back to Beirut. Re-building the Port of Beirut is an essential step.

The Port of Beirut is one of the biggest and busiest in the region. It is 1,200,000 m², with a water basin of 1,202,000 m² (including the Container Terminal), the main breakwater of 3,190 m, and a detached breakwater of 550 m. It has a relatively high container-handling capacity, at 35,000 TEU/Hectare, receiving more than 1,200,000 TEU per year.

Since the end of the Civil War, existing port facilities were renovated and new ones were built. Today, the Port of Beirut consists of a General Cargo Terminal, a Container Terminal, a Passenger Terminal, a Free Zone, and a Crane Silo area.

It also neighbors some of the most popular and eclectic neighborhoods in the city. Right by Ashrafiyeh, it is in direct proximity to the residential areas of Gemmayzeh, Geitawi, and the upmarket urban pockets of Sursock and Tabaris. This cluster also welcomes many public institutions (notably Electricité du Liban), private businesses, medical centers (Room, Rizk, Hotel Dieu, Wadiyeh), and universities (USJ, Sagesse, AUST). Gemmeyzeh and Mar Mkhayel are also known for their vibrant bars and restaurants. The explosion destroyed most of them.

The Port is therefore a key component of the area. Damages stretch 1.7km at 700 m width, starting from Charles Helou Avenue, with an approximate area of 1.19 sq.km. In order to give life back to Beirut, we must make the best use of this space.

Re-building is no easy task. Public institutions, the private sector, and citizens must join forces to give glory back to the Port of Beirut.

First of all, the private sector must take a prime role in the re-construction and management of the Port.

History has shown us its’ efficiency in increasing capacity and productivity.

In 2019, when the Greek government leased the ownership and management of the port of Piraeus to a private Chinese company, its’ stocking capacity increased from 2 million TEUs to 5.6 million TEUs.

Since the end of the Civil War, the Port of Beirut is owned by the Lebanese government and managed by Gestion et Exploitation du Port de Beyrouth (GEPB). In light of the reconstruction projects, it should be transferred into a B.O.T process, in which contractors will bare costs and run operations. When they break-even, they will transfer ownership and management to public authorities. China and the UAE are already competing to win a 25-year BOT tender for operations and maintenance.

Moreover, we have to look beyond its’ current geographical limits. We propose an extension of the port to the north of the Beirut river, leaving the area impacted by the explosions to be renovated and converted into a community service zone.

The extension can stretch from Solidere to the Container Terminal: the new area will spread from the reclaimed dump land stretched from the North of the Beirut river to the current limit of the landfill area facing City Mall. The under-construction Linor project can host the new Port area (dimensions of 2.12 km and 750 m depth). This is in addition to an approximate area of 1.6 sq. km for future expansions. It would require a maximum main breakwater extension of 2.2 km, or a 600m detached breakwater, depending on design criteria.

However, this does not mean that we should overlook the currently tarnished area in the Port. Re-habilitating it and giving it a new life could be a great opportunity for the city and its’ citizens.

The currently tarnished area could be segmented into main 4 zones:

A touristic extension of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh
A diplomatic zone for foreign delegations
A sports and leisure zone for residents from the East of the city
An area to accommodate the green areas consumed by Solidere

Not only would this project reduce the traffic bottleneck to the north entrance of Beirut Central District, but it can also be a great opportunity for job creation in the city. In light of the ongoing economic crisis, such a project can be a great source of job opportunities for Beirutis. It will stimulate the local economy and attract attention to neighboring districts.

We, as Beirutis, are now facing a tipping point in our city’s history. We might be overwhelmed by the tragedy that surrounds us. We might feel tired, hopeless, defeated. However, we must look forward and get back to work after reconstruction. Brighter days are ahead, but we must take concrete actions to get there.

We must give life back to our Port, for it is the heart of our city.


Abdallah Hayek is the CEO of Hayek Group LLC, leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company in Lebanon, established in 1951.

Iran Ready to Assist Lebanon in Rebuilding Destroyed Beirut Port, Rouhani Says
11:14 GMT 12.08.2020


フランス大統領がロシア、イラン大統領らに電話 レバノン ベイルート港爆破事件



France seeks cooperation from Iran, Russia on Lebanon
Macron visited Beirut in the wake of the blast and offered broad support for the former French protectorate.
12 August 2020 | 22:00
Source: Associated Press



ナスラッラー師がヒズボラから解任される説 ベイルート港爆破事件 レバノン



Imperialist Iran becomes anti-imperialist
by Thierry Meyssan
4 August 2020

Iran from anti-imperialist to imperialist again
by Thierry Meyssan
11 August 2020

ロシアで新型コロナ用ワクチンを世界初認可 20ヶ国以上から注文 イランでも治験進む

Russia receives orders from 20 countries for ONE BILLION doses of world’s first Covid-19 vaccine
11 Aug, 2020 15:39

Iran to begin Phase III clinical trial for COVID-19 vaccine: Minister
Wednesday, 12 August 2020



不法占領しているシリア東部で油田盗掘する米国企業の役員3人 Delta Crescent Energy


A company of thieves run by Washington to steal Syrian oil
10 August، 2020

Damascus, SANA- Stealing the resources of the Syrian people and plundering their wealth has always been a major goal of the United States in Syria, as it has completed its hostile approach by supporting terrorism there through an agreement between it and Qasad (SDF) militia to pillage the Syrian oil in an aggravated and declared crime that violates the rules of international law.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has worked for years on the scheme to plunder the Syrian oil, which was finally embodied in the agreement between Washington and Qasad militia as informed sources revealed to the (CNN) that the agreement grant an American oil company called (Delta Crescent Energy), Which was created to implement the American scheme, broad powers to seize half of the Syrian oil fields and invest in them.

“We have been authorized to engage in all aspects of energy development, transportation, marketing, refining and exploration in order to develop and redevelop the infrastructure in the region,” said James Cain, a former US ambassador to Denmark during the George W. Bush administration and one of the co-founders of Delta Crescent Energy.

The CNN noted that Cain’s two other partners in the company are James Reese, a retired Delta Force Army officer who used to run his own private security firm, and John Dorrier, a veteran oil executive with years of experience operating in the Middle East.

The trio formed the new company for the sole purpose of securing this deal in Syria and have worked intensely with State Department officials for more than a year, sources tell CNN.

The agreement between Qasad militia and the American company can be described simply as a continuation of Washington’s violations of the rules of international law, as the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Saturday that the agreement of pillaging the Syrian oil is a continuation of Washington’s violations of the international law and Syria’s sovereignty over its lands.

The Ministry noted that the Americans are not satisfied with their illegal occupation for regions in Syria, but they also participate in stealing and plundering the country’s natural resources and illicitly trading in them, knowing that these resources belong to the Syrian people only.

Although the U.S. State Department and the Pentagon have officially sought to distance themselves from the project, but the sources told the CNN that behind the scenes the State Department was active in making the deal happen.

Last week, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for the first time confirmed the deal in answering a question from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

“The deal took a little longer, senator, than we had hoped and we’re now in implementation. It can be very powerful,” Pompeo told Graham

Earlier, a Foreign and Expatriates Ministry official source told SANA in a statement that this agreement represents a deal between thieves who are stealing and thieves who are buying, affirming that this agreement is null and void and has no legal basis, warning that such despicable acts express the approach adopted by those client militias which have accepted to be a cheap puppet in the hands of the U.S. occupation.

Yemeni Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf has also condemned the continuation of adopting an aggressive approach by the U.S. against Syria through supporting the outlaw groups and its involvement in stealing Syrian oil, stressing that the agreement to steal Syrian oil is void and only practiced by thieves of the wealth of peoples and their enemies.

アサド大統領が国会演説中に体調不良で一時退席 シリア





いつもの国会議事堂ではなく、大宴会場で座席間にsocial distancingのスペースを確保してある。




Blood Pressure Drop Interrupts Syrian President's Speech to Parliament, Press Office Says